The recoil, creeping its way back, Deep, deep from where it began


My warmth, the cold

I smile when the cold wind greets me as I step out Brushing aside my hair, passing through my ears I smile when the chill reaches deep inside Waking me up in the core, and then I feel myself more.   I smile as I draw my scarf closer but only to lose The cold... Continue Reading →

A whisper in a world that only shouts

There are many thoughts and feelings that I can’t surface in their purest of forms. Even when I’ve tried doing that, I’ve never thought people have got me all the time. Some understood a few things, some pretended to listen, some couldn’t understand a word, with some I was never able to express. However, writing... Continue Reading →

The Walk in the Void

I fear, one day amidst all the chaos I can lose myself I fear, one day I can entangle myself within me in an abyss I fear, one day I will not be able to decipher my purpose I fear, one day these depths will lead me nowhere. But you have to catch me, from... Continue Reading →

The Dimensions

Empty laughter echoes through the walls, The placid camouflage over the clamorous storm. The two dimensions where we exist, Defying the Universal forces and ourselves within.   My eyes, your feigned facade; my words, your oblivious observance The time and space where we exist together. Your eyes, your naked body; my eyes, my naked body... Continue Reading →

Not anymore

I hope today when you read this you still feel proud of yourself as you felt while penning this down. I hope you are in the worldly terms a ‘bigger person’ than you were. I just want you to know what all you’ve passed through, all of that like every other lady. This is only... Continue Reading →

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