Frozen Second

I started contemplating if I was a misfit, trying to fool myself about my passions. Yes, I have changed, yes, I am perhaps not the same young ambitious one anymore, I have my apprehensions. I went back, too much I soaked in; too little I reflected. Years, months, days, hours, minutes and I’m here this... Continue Reading →


Between the dark and light

Starry nights fading out to the dawn Crackling dawn gleaming into the morning sun Morning sun falling upon through the trees   Dusk bringing the dark to the white again The white, now the moon standing with the stars Stars spread across adorning the night sky   The flawless never-ending dusks to dawns Only between... Continue Reading →

Yours and mine

A smile, the eyes A simple gaze, the mouth agape A marvel, the possibility A reverie, the reality   The sky, a field The airplane, a gilli danda stick The clouds, a wish The dream, a reality   I’m not you You’re not me The sky, your dream Your eyes, my dream

The new, the old and I

The dreams that lie ahead were dreamt within these bricks. There is so much to look forward to, but I can't help looking back. The smiles, the cries, the hugs, the cold, the rain, the stars, the sky. The world gets too caught up to take a moment to hear itself living. I stole a... Continue Reading →

The Lost Success

After all this time, I've forgotten, driven only by the outside Everyday I fall, each day from an altitude so high I promise everytime, only to go back on it every time The failing me growing bigger than the promising me. The composed, only I know, the chains to hold it back The cuts, how... Continue Reading →

Machine with a heart

Wrote enough open lines and erased them all, couldn’t find a better way to confess and confront the empty page. There are thoughts, things I want to write about, but something stops me. Could not run away from an empty page anymore, it’s the pensieve now that took me to a time where I could... Continue Reading →

Parts and pieces

The crescent moon far far away in the dark sky or the sound in the air that passes by me, There's a part weaved from them inside of me. The green that I see in the trees or the tranquility in the water I feel, I possess the same somewhere in my being. This sense... Continue Reading →

The Place

This is the mountain top, the place where I wanted to be I see the town down there covered with fog The grass below my feet covered with frost The streak of light falling to the ground through the trees This is the mountain top, the place where I wanted to be.   This is... Continue Reading →

The Promise

Morning, waking up with the same old promise Another chance, keeping it alive within me, A battle, encircling me, a fight, not to break it, The fatler, hitting me, yet again Night, cursing in silence the wide awake eyes. Days, passing by forever, the promise still unkept Guilt, strengthening it's grip deep, deep within Hope,... Continue Reading →

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